Aline Hargrave

All We can say is WOW! David was such a blessing to have as an agent! David is courteous and quite knowledgeable. He is attentive, understanding, professional and just an overall wonderful agent. He sold our home above asking price within the first 2 days of showing. The whole process was so smooth. He guided us through every detail and we could not be more happy choosing David to be our realtor! We highly recommend him!

Jennifer Langheld & Daniel Wincentsen

I don't know what we would have done without David on our side. I was a first time buyer and as we know the home searching and buying process can be very frustrating, stressful, and emotional. Thankfully, because of David's knowledge, professionalism, mild-manner and experience, we bought an amazing house and got it below asking - in at the time, a seller's market, might I add. We unfortunately found ourselves dealing with some difficult sellers, as well as an agent (representing them) that lets just say, was not very proficient in her profession. There were some bumps along the way based on unreasonable behavior and irrationalism from their end. However, thanks to David and his "smarts," and clever thinking, every difficult situation was quickly resolved and taken care of, leaving us on the winning side. David is also an amazing communicator. I, being from New York, do not have patience for delayed responses. Things happen fast in real estate and thankfully David would always get back to us within minutes with question answered, and problems solved. 24/7. Another huge plus is that David has experience in home renovation. We found ourselves looking at many fixers. With David's design experience and bountiful construction contacts, we were able to feel confident about purchasing a home that needed work. He was an amazing guide, helping us find some great vendors at reasonable prices - meaning - they would do favors for David because he is so well liked. I joked with David often about being our "real estate therapist." He was so great about talking us through any frustrating times, being extremely reassuring, while still giving us solid, honest advice. I can't say enough good things about David. Simply - hire him - to help you find a house or list one. You won't regret it.

Erica Rycina

I can't say enough good things about David Rindenow, as a real estate agent and as a person. I would highly recommend David Rindenow. He goes way above and beyond the call of duty. He knows so much about real estate and kept us VERY informed throughout the entire process from viewing houses, to purchasing, to down payment and mortgage lenders. He knew his stuff. Then AFTER he closed the deal he was still in touch with us, and when I asked for his help to get situated in the new house he helped us with no problem. He gave us information for the water, electricity, gas and plumbing and sprinkler guy. We couldn't ask for a better real estate agent. I recommend David Rindenow as one of the best real estate agents to interact with. He is thorough, knowledgeable, and generally a great guy! He made buying a house seem easy and stress free. Excellent! Working with him was effortless and a great experience. When we closed the deal on a house and submitted our offer, ours was the only one out of ten other offers that had no mistakes in the offer. His work is seamless without fault. He does a very good job at the detail and the overall big picture. He also had our closing done within 25 days.

Tom & Meghan Ellsworth

You always have an expectation in your head when dealing with any professional that they will handle everything for you and they are there to make things easier, then after dealing with a few you start to wonder "Why am I paying this guy and I'm doing so much work?!" David is the opposite of that. He thinks of everything, handles everything he can, involves you in the decisions that you need to be involved in, tells you when something is important or not, and just does a great job. This was my first time buying a home, and I wanted to research things on my own and figure out the best way to get this done. Of course, this led to Googling legalese and learning all sorts of new concepts. David was able to tell me in plain terms anything that I was curious about, and also if these things were normal or not. Pretty soon, I just learned to ask David first and save myself the trouble. We will recommend David to anyone we know that needs an agent. He deserves the business and people deserve this kind of professional.

John J.

David was selected after we interviewed (4) Realtors. His knowledge, courtesy, professionalism, and marketing skills, savvy & ideas were greatly appreciated. He also brought forth an eye for detail, proved to be very helpful, and I would whole-heartedly recommend him. David was honest, timely, responsive and kept us focused on what needed to be done throughout the Sales-Escrow process. A+.

Davis D.

This is the second time I have worked with David. He is amazing. He really listens to his clients and really knows how to market properties. He is thorough and extremely detail oriented. His communication skills are excellent as is his ability to respond to questions that I had. I highly recommend David.

Season Flores

David was superb and very thoughtful throughout the process. Answering my myriad of questions and always willing to go the extra mile to provide information or help. I highly recommend David for his services. Support and guidance like his is one in a million... making a very stressful and important process a breeze.

Zack Sloane

David was very responsive and professional. We had some weird quirky issues with another offer and he helped guide us through that before helping us secure this house. He also helped us sell our condo. Highly recommend David. He's always two steps in front of you and quick to respond.

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Whether you choose to buy, sell, or lease a home, David is your go to source for everything real estate. As a Los Angeles native, growing up in both the city and valley, David has extensive knowledge of the Los Angeles area, which will help you in your real estate needs.
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